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Introduction to Casale 3 Danesi

We are a family run and owned business, consisting of 3 Danes: Henrik &
Gioanna (husband and wife) and our daughter, Helena.
Originally from Denmark, but having lived in the USA for many years we
decided to follow our hearts and dreams pursuing a healthier lifestyle.
Having found that in “La Bella Toscana” and our rustic Tuscan farmhouse and
land, dating back to 1790, we would like to share our concept and home grown
products with you.
We took over the farm in October 2012. Currently our farm produces extra
virgin olive oil and has done so for more than 50 years. We have 250 olive
trees, some older and some newer and have just planted an additional 200
trees for the future. Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino are the
species of olives we grow and from which we proudly produce our 3 Danesi
Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We proudly present our oil, consisting of 80%
Frantoio, 10% Leccino, and a combined 10% of Moraiolo and Pendolino. In
2014 we were awarded a Gold metal for our extra virgin olive oil at the NY
International Olive Oil Competition.
We protect the environment and solely use organic practices. No pesticides
are used by us. Our olives are hand selected and picked with care during the
month of October. Once picked, the olives are daily brought to our local olive
mill and pressed right away to ensure the optimal flavor and preserve the
olive oil.
In addition to olive oil production we have fruit orchard of many different
species: pears, apples, cherries, pomegranates, figs, almonds, hazelnuts,
plums, peaches, apricots, oranges to name a few. We preserve our fruits and
can offer you homemade marmalade and jam and fruit juices.
We have planted a sangiovese vineyard 2 years ago and plan to expand
further into wine production, though mostly for local use. Having completed
the renovation of the old stables at the farm, we and have designed a rustic
wine and olive oil tasting room for visitors.

We just completed our first year of having an organic vegetable garden and
strive to become self-sufficient very soon. In addition, we can offer an
array of herbs from our property: rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, wild fennel,
wild mountain mint and lavender to name a few. This past year we have added
a hen house with a hen and a rooster to provide organic eggs and natural
fertilizers to our grounds.
For the past year we have been producing herbal teas, using own herbs, such
as wild mint, orange and mandarin peal, rose petals, lemon verbena and Linden
flower and dried mountain blueberries. Our teas are available either as
green teas or mixed with black teas upon request.
We are proud to introduce our Tuscan herbal salts, now available for grilling
and cooking in the following flavors: Wild fennel salt, rosemary salt, rose
petal salt, and bay leaf salt. For baking we can recommend our lavender
On our property we also house bees for honey production, utilizing our
flowers on the farm throughout the season. Acacia honey, Mille Fiori and
chestnut honey is part of what we can currently offer you.
Stay tuned for more exciting homemade products directly from our Farm to
your table in the near future!

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