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Tasting for Better Extra- Virgin Olive Oil

Chief creative officer of ‘America’s Test Kitchen’ Jack Bishop teaches you in this video a great method of olive oil tasting. As he notes the essentials of having the best extra virgin oil are how long it takes from harvest to bottle, the coloring of the bottle, and single sourcing.
3 Danesi’s cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil checks all those boxes! Once we complete the harvest we bring the olives to the mill within 4 hours. We only use green glass bottles and our olives are single sourced from our own farm in Tuscany. The harvest is in late October/early November, which is early gathering. Our olive oil is beautifully green and fresh on the tongue. It taste like olives and has strong notes of artichokes with a lingering peppery aftertaste.
Source: YouTube – America’s Test Kitchen

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