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May Newsletter

May in Tuscany is the month of which the flowers can be seen everywhere, especially the Tuscan poppy. The flower can be found in the fields as a symbol that spring is officially here.

It is the time to start cultivating and planting in the garden. Near in the fascinating medieval, walled town of Lucca, there is an important event called “Verde Mura” (Green Wall). Signifying the plants and greenery. For more info. Please view: 

“Giorno della Mamma” , or Mother’s Day, is celebrated in Italy on the 2nd Sunday of May. La mamma is a constant important figure and the backbone of Italian tradition. Everything starts with her. The family gets together to honor and give gifts, bouquets, hugs, kisses and “a double scoop of gelato” for their mamma!

The last Saturday and Sunday of May every year is the weekend celebrating OPEN HOUSE, “Cantine Aperte” in the wineries. This is a great opportunity to visit the local farmers, vineyards, and taste some amazing wine. An event not to be missed! Reservations in advance are recommended at 

May is one of the busiest months of the year at our farm. The bees are busy collecting nectar and producing honey! Our fruit trees are in full bloom, and our first artichokes of the year are ready to eat. It is a joyful time with lots of outdoor activity. Casale 3 Danesi wishes for everyone buona giornata & Festa della Mamma.

This Italian poem describes it very well, as the saying goes:

Maggio, Maggio canto I colori,

Riempio i Giardini ed i prati di fiori,

Tutto e’ piu’ bello e profumato

ed anche il bosco si e’ risvegliato

May, May will bring colors,

fill the garden and the fields with flowers,

all is so beautiful and full of fragrance

and even the forest is waking up again

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